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At Pilates Central we care about more than the Pilates programs, we care about you. That is why owner, Holly Cameron, works hard to make sure that overall health is a priority in people’s lives by teaching them the skills to be and stay healthy.

The “Your Health” section of the Pilates Central website is designed to do just that, help you be and stay healthy. In this section you will find articles that Holly wrote for local newspapers as well as links to other resources that will give you the information you need to stay fit.

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We Were Made To Move

(Published in the May edition of the Broomfield Enterprise)

We were made to move!  So why don’t we?  It’s not that we don’t know the benefits:  Increased strength and endurance, more energy, better sleep, better digestion, helps control weight, tones and shapes the body, helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure, helps us deal with stress and even puts us in a better mood; to name a few.  Sounds like a magic cure all to me.  So why don’t we move? 

The most common reason cited by fitness experts is a lack of time. Schedules are overbooked and things like exercise often aren't a high priority.  It's not necessary to carve out 30 straight minutes for exercise. Fit in 5 or 10 minutes of activity a few times a day. Take a short, brisk walk around the block at lunch. Climb a few flights of stairs between meetings. Hit the treadmill or do some sit-ups while watching the news. It can all add up to the half hour of physical activity recommended by public-health professionals.

In October, the American Council on Exercise (ACE), a nonprofit group based in San Diego, asked web site visitors for their reasons, besides lack of time, for not going to the gym.  19% said they weren’t in good enough shape to go to the gym.

Cedric Bryant, chief exercise physiologist at ACE says, “People who aren't fit often think they've got to get themselves in ‘respectable shape’ before they ever go to the gym.”  Thinking you are the only one out of shape can be intimidating, especially if you choose a gym that has only hard bodies in spandex.  There are places to go where you won’t feel out of place in shorts and a T-shirt.  Do you like loud pounding music, flashy, glitzy chrome and young bodies?  Try a health club.  Do you want the more practical down to earth place?  Try a community recreation center.  Each gym has a feel. Check out the gym before you join, see if the mood and clientele suit you. 

According to the survey, besides not looking the part, 21 percent skip the gym because they don't know what to do once they get there, and 3 percent said they avoid the gym because they're afraid to ask questions.  Most gyms offer an equipment orientation when you join.  If, after that, you still aren’t comfortable working out on your own, hire a personal trainer to help you feel more comfortable on the machines and figure out the best schedule for you.  You can schedule as many or few sessions as you like and the benefits of feeling comfortable with your workout are worth the money. 

Start slowly, and then gradually build up.  Do more than you're doing right now, even if that means just walking for five minutes three days a week at first. As soon as you start feeling better, you will be hooked. 

We were made to move!