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As a professional dancer, I have always been searching for the perfect exercise accompaniment to my ballet classes.  Believing in the importance of cross training to keep me in good dancing condition, I have dappled with yoga and the typical gym equipment at my local Rec center.  Though I still will turn to these other exercise forms on occasion, it has been my discovery of Pilates that has most significantly impacted my dancing – and body.

Pilates has provided me with a strong core, increased flexibility through greater range of motion, proper alignment leading to better balance, and improved muscle tone and condition.  While all of these elements are desired and necessary to dance, the benefits of Pilates to my everyday life have been most noteworthy.  I feel stronger, more capable, and confident in my body as a result of studying Pilates.  My musculature is more well-rounded, as I have strengthened and toned muscles not worked by ballet alone.  I believe that Pilates has served to set me on a path to live a long, healthy life, one that extends beyond my dance years.

In searching for Pilates classes and studios, I stumbled upon Pilates Central and feel very fortunate to have found this gem.  Living in Boulder, there are plenty of studios nearer to me, offering every type of class I could ask for and more, and yet, I choose to drive to Pilates Central for classes instead.  What do Holly and her staff offer me that these other studios could not?  An atmosphere in which all body types and abilities are accepted and made to feel welcomed; a friendly greeting and “family” feeling; a more intimate setting where I am given the attention and assistance necessary to help me improve and prevent any injuries; and a calming, inviting, yet energized work-out space.  The small class sizes mean I am able to get to know my fellow Pilates devotees more personally, as well as ensure that I am getting the proper instruction for the greatest benefit.  Holly’s personal values shine through her studio’s atmosphere, as well as her instruction, and for this, I will travel the distance.

~ Kate Wagner

Pilates Central customer since 2008