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Staying Fit During the Holidays


The holidays are a time of celebration and joy with family and friends but does your belt mysteriously get tighter?  It's almost as though a voice announces: "Let the eating begin and let exercise become a thing of the past!"  Statistics show that the average person gains anywhere from 7lbs-10lbs over the holiday season, don’t let this be you!!! 

This year, you have a choice.  With the extra calories being consumed, this is not the time to minimize exercise, if anything exercise should be maximized and prioritized. By increasing your exercise on a day-to-day basis the damage from an excessive holiday season will be greatly reduced or even nonexistent. You can make smart choices to survive the holidays and even splurge every once in a while.

Between activities and all of those yummy meals, avoid the temptation of becoming sedentary.

  • When going to the mall, be sure to put on a comfortable pair of shoes.  Don’t circle for the closest parking space, park far away. Return to the car to drop off packages frequently you will avoid neck and shoulder stress and burn more calories.  Put on a pedometer, we’re looking for 10,000 steps a day.
  • Do your training early in the morning so you won’t miss it due to shopping, family or parties—I know it is tough but most fitness places are open early.
  • Make it a family affair. Plan active things to do with your family,. Walk around the neighborhood to look at holiday decorations. Play football before the big meal at Thanksgiving. Go ice-skating, or roller skating.
  • Make your holiday activities as inefficient as possible.  Carry the groceries in 1or 2 bags at a time, same with the holiday decorations—go up the stairs with only 1 box. 
  • When you are on the phone with family far away, walk around the house instead of sitting down
  • Make yourself get up to change the channels on the Television
  • In the airport walk from concourse to concourse.  During delays or while waiting to board, walk around. 
  • If possible, walk to a restaurant that is close to home rather than driving.
  • Drink more water.  It will keep you hydrated, flush toxins, and keep your body systems working at their best.
  • Work out with a friend.  Keeping your appointment will keep you honest.
  • Treat yourself to a Pilates or Yoga video-or go to a class, the focused breathing helps reduce stress.
  • Add exercise to your “to do” list

Make a decision to do everything you can to stay active and eat healthy, while not depriving yourself of all the fun. Like everything else in life, it's all about moderation. Happy Holidays!