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At Pilates Central our goal is to help you accomplish your goals whether you are an athlete or have been injured in a car accident.  Below are articles and comments made by our clients. 

Kate Sugar Plum FairyAs a professional dancer, I have always been searching for the perfect exercise accompaniment to my ballet classes. In searching for Pilates classes and studios, I stumbled upon Pilates Central and feel very fortunate to have found this gem.  Living in Boulder, there are plenty of studios nearer to me, offering every type of class I could ask for and more, and yet, I choose to drive to Pilates Central for classes instead.  What do Holly and her staff offer me that these other studios could not?  An atmosphere in which all body types and abilities are accepted and made to feel welcomed; a friendly greeting and “family” feeling; a more intimate setting where I am given the attention and assistance necessary to help me improve and prevent any injuries; and a calming, inviting, yet energized work-out space.  The small class sizes mean I am able to get to know my fellow Pilates devotees more personally, as well as ensure that I am getting the proper instruction for the greatest benefit.  Holly’s personal values shine through her studio’s atmosphere, as well as her instruction, and for this, I will travel the distance. 
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"After working 12 hour shifts at the hospital for the last 5 years, there was hardly a day when I didn't wake up with back pain, or went to bed with severe lower back pain. I found a solution at Pilates Central. I met with Holly, who makes it her mission to welcome "Pilates newbies" with open arms and a very warm, caring & knowledgeable attitude. After just 3 sessions, the back pain has completely gone away, and I have never felt more flexible in my life. Thanks, Holly, for having such a wonderful Pilates studio so close by, and for making it such a wonderful and inviting place to come to! --Ana, age 30

Holly and Mary   I just wanted to take a minute to thank you both - For what you might ask?  Well, this past weekend was the first weekend in I don't know how long that I wasn't in pain!  I attended a cooking class all day on Saturday which usually leaves me in a lot of pain and stiff because I am on my feet all day - but not this weekend.  I could move easily and had no lingering pain.  Then on Sunday, I worked in my house and in my yard all day with just a minor bit of stiffness which was gone by the time I went to bed.  Thank you both and Pilates! --Peggy, Age 56

"I was hit by a drunk driver going over 90 mph 19 months ago and suffered many injuries. I began private classes at Pilates Central as physical therapy at my doctor's request and could hardly move when I first started. They have and continue to help me tremendously on my road to recovery. Holly is so knowledgeable, not only in pilates, but in body physiology which was very important to me being severely injured. They are helping me to get some of my quality of life back."  --Sue Hawley, Age 40

"The results really are amazing! My fibromyalgia pain is down, flexibility and strength are up improving my balance…even my sleep has improved. This is something I recommend to everyone."
-- Judy Jones, Age 62

When I started at Pilates Central, my back and hip hurt all the time.  My doctor told me to do Pilates for my bulging discs.  It's like a miracle, my pain is gone! I don't feel like I am getting old anymore~it's aging in reverse!

-- Kim C, Age 32


I started going to Pilates Central after an asthma attack landed me in the hospital with only 30% lung capacity. I was told by the pulmonologist that it would take me 18 months to heal from this event and my lung function would always be 60 to 70%. With the help of Holly Cameron owner and trainer at Pilates Central I learned to breath, correctly and deeply. I have increased my lung capacity to 78%. I have returned to singing in choir, and my peak flow meter is at 650. The personal attention and regimen that has been set up to help me with my asthma has made all the difference in the world. In other words I have my life back, thanks to Pilates and Holly Cameron.   

--Pam Olson Age 54

--Kelly H. Age 30

I can look back and think about all of the “what ifs” and the “should haves” but that doesn’t help me move forward.

Nearly nine years ago, at the age of 21, I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease. I was a junior at CU Boulder working, studying and playing.  What I thought was a pulled muscle, turned into a life-changing experience.

MRIs concluded that I had ruptured and bulging discs in my lower back. I had discs that looked like they belonged to an 80-year old woman!

Today, due to rare condition, I live with chronic pain. I was diagnosed with this condition a day before my 30th birthday. The bone the doctors harvested from my hip for my second fusion and fifth spinal surgery, started growing again, and is putting pressure on nerve roots, causing “irreversible” nerve damage. Normally, your body “tells” the bone to stop growing when a fusion is solid.  Mine didn’t.
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"It is a pleasure to work out at Pilates Central. Holly and Mary make it an inviting and relaxing place to be!
-- Nicole Meske

"I was new to Pilates and was welcomed to this facility with openness and kindness. Many places I checked out had an air of superiority and did not answer my questions. Holly was so kind and talked to me extensively she treated me as if I were the most important person she had to talk to at that moment. She made me feel at home."--Connie Keep